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Digitrax BXP88 8-Zone Detector/Transponder NIB

Digitrax BXP88 8-Zone Detector/Transponder NIB

Digitrax BXP88 8-Zone Detector/Transponder NIB

BXP88 makes adding detection and transponding to your layout easier than ever. No more complicated wiring!

-DCC Occupancy Detection supports up to 8 Detection Sections letting you know when equipped rolling stock is in a detection section on your layout.
-One Transponding Zone per Detection Section lets you know the location of transponder-equipped locos or rolling stock.
-Intelligent Automatic short-circuit and over-current power management for each Detection Section, improves reliability by avoiding most booster fault shutdowns.
-Connects to LocoNet to transmit Detection Section occupancy, Transponding and track power information.
-Detects any powered locomotives in a Detection Section.
-Identify where specific rolling stock is on your layout with Digitrax transponder-equipped locos and rolling stock.
-Detects rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets.
-Plug and Play with Digitrax DCC systems with automatic Railsync polarity detection.
-LED output headers for front panel indication of Detection Section occupancy, Transponding, and power status.
-Easy-connect pluggable track wire terminal blocks can plug-in straight or at right angles.
-3 Amp capacity per Detection Section, 8 Amp total unit capacity.
-Automatically updates status at track power on.
-Operations Mode Read Back allows you to read CV values of decoders equipped with transponders when on track.
-Firmware update capability via IPL over LocoNet.

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BRAND: Digitrax