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Sound Decoders

ESU 58721 LokSound 5 Micro DCC Sound and Control Decoder Fits Atlas, Intermountain Diesels w/ Blank Sound Files NIB


ESU 58823 LokSound V5 DCC Micro Single Wires Sound Decoder Steam NIB


ESU 50332 LokSound 23mm (0.91") Round 4 Ohm Speaker NIB


ESU 50330 LokSound Loudspeaker 16mm x 25mm Square 4 ohms w/ Sound Chamber NIB


Train Control Systems TCS 1605 WOW501 Diesel Sound and DCC Decoder 5 Amp with Keep-Alive NIB


Train Control Systems TCS 1547 Trainspeed1 Train Speedometer Detects One Location NIB


Train Control Systems TCS 1525 HO WOWSound WOW121 Steam Sound & DCC Control Decoder 21-Pin Connector NIB


Train Control Systems TCS 1516 HO WOW101-Steam Sound & DCC Control Decoder w/ 9-Pin JST WOWSound NIB