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Element RC 40101 Enduro Trail Truck Trailwalker 4x4 RTR
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Element RC 40101 Enduro Trail Truck Trailwalker 4x4 RTR

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Element RC 40101 Enduro Trail Truck Trailwalker 4x4 RTR

A PERFORMANCE RIG BUILT TO ENDURE. When hitting the trail, you want to do it with confidence - and the answer is the all-new Enduro Trailwalker 4x4!

At the heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth X gearbox. Although the exterior appears to have a conventional 3-gear transmission look, the inside is far from conventional. The Stealth X features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently from the front drive across three levels: stock overdrives the front end 5.7%, option 1 provides a one-to-one drive ratio front-to-rear, and option 2 overdrives the front end 11.83% (included in RTR).

Feeding the power to the tires are 3-piece telescopic driveshafts with an extruded aluminum center section, universal front drive axles, and hardened steel ring and pinion gears. With the Enduro drivetrain, delivering useful power will not be an issue.

We relocated the steering link assembly from the conventional location (in front of the axle) to behind the axle (BTA). This feature greatly improves approach angle and front-end clearance, making rough terrain much easier to handle.

The Enduro Trailwalker 4x4 comes ready for adventure right out of the box with performance-driven Reedy Power electronics. The all-new, ultra-smooth, and powerful 16-turn, 5-slot brushed crawler motor and Reedy Power SC400X electronic speed controller with T-plug connector supply ample power to this tough rig. Controlling the beast on the trail is our new 3-channel XP130 2.4GHz radio and Reedy Power high-torque 1320MG metal-gear servo.

With all this packed in one box, we know the Enduro Trailwalker 4x4 is ready for the trail - are you?


-CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
-Adjustable front track bar
-Universal front drive axles
-Stamped steel frame rails
-Enclosed receiver box
-12mm wheel hexes
-Adjustable front and rear bumper mounts
-Adjustable width rock sliders
-Two battery boxes
-Aluminum motor plate
-Adjustable body posts
-Optimized ball cups for more fluid axle articulation
-Adjustable rear shock mount positions
-Telescopic driveshaft's front and rear
-Extruded aluminum driveshaft splines
-One-piece rear axle design
-Splined front axle with adjustable caster
-Machined input pinion gear
-Metal ring gear
-Machined steel top shaft
-Metal idler gears
-Heavy duty 5mm diameter steel links
-Metal ball bearings included
-Officially licensed tires

Items Needed to Complete

-Battery pack
-4 AA batteries for radio


Scale: 1/10
Power: Electric
Length: varies
Width: varies
Weight: varies
Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3")
Transmission Ratio: varies

ALL IN THE DETAILS. No trail truck would be complete without a detailed and realistic looking body. The Trailwalker 4x4 is just that, with inspired styling from the 80's and 90's.

The Trailwalker comes equipped with a high-strength polycarbonate body that has been pre-painted to look fresh off the showroom floor. The Trailwalker body was designed for both looks and function, featuring a single-piece design with roll bar, injection-molded bumper and D-rings, windshield wipers, folding mirrors, and front grill with working LEDs.

The Trailwalker's pivoting side mirror design reduces the risk of losing mirrors while on trail. Drive your rig with confidence knowing it can handle navigating through tight technical rock features.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED TIRES. Gripping the trail is a set of officially licensed General Grabber A/T X tires molded in a high-performance, soft compound rubber. The General Grabber A/T tires are mounted on three-piece 1.55" beadlock wheels. No more worrying if your RTR tires will come unglued.

The Trailwalker 4x4 is ready to tackle the elements - your journey begins here.

Additional Information:

PLU: ASC40101
BRAND: Team Associated