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Pro-Line 9033-003 Hole shot VTR 4.0 X3 (soft) Off-road 1/8 Truck tires (2) for front or rear NIB
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Pro-Line 9033-003 Hole shot VTR 4.0 X3 (soft) Off-road 1/8 Truck tires (2) for front or rear NIB

Pro-Line 9033-003 Hole shot VTR 4.0 X3 (soft) Off-road 1/8 Truck tires (2) for front or rear NIB

This is a pair of Hole Shot 1/8 Truck Tires. The 1/8 Truck class has advanced significantly in the past few years from chassis configurations, suspension, drive train technology and other advancements. Wheels and tires are no exception to this and today, Pro-Line introduces the next generation of wheel and tire combination with the VTR line.

Now, the VTR line packs a bigger punch with the Hole Shot tread pattern. The Hole Shot tread has captured numerous regional and national events over the past decade. When you're looking to turn up the heat at a local, regional, or national level, check out the VTR series Hole Shot 1/8 Truck tire.

Pro-Line is now bringing the incredibly popular line of X-Compounds to the Truggy class! X-Compounds provide improved wear and traction on dry, high-speed tracks and has been requested by Truggy racers around the World. The Hole Shot tread pattern needs no introduction since it has proven to be the fastest and most popular Truggy tire ever produced. It doesn't matter what the track condition is, the Hole Shot VTR Truggy tires just plain work beyond expectations and now it is even more versatile with the addition of the X-Compounds!

S3 is Pro-Line's latest and greatest compound that has been tearing up the track and winning races at the highest level. S3 is similar to X3 as it is a Soft and long-lasting compound but S3 is a substantial leap forward in terms of grip in dry and slick conditions. Another massive improvement with S3 is that stays stable throughout long main events and does not fade or get soft near the end of the race. Just ask Ty Tessmann who used the new S-compounds to sweep all the classes at the 2018 1/8 ROAR Nitro Nationals as well as the 2017 1/10 ROAR Electric Nationals! Don't get left in your competition's dust, take the win with Pro-Line's new S3 compound today!


Small pin design for the ultimate in responsiveness
A triumphant contender on blue groove to wet, hard packed surfaces
Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
Improved Wear and Traction with X-Compound Technology
Also Available in World Championship/extremely proprietary M3 (Soft) compound
Includes VTR Closed Cell Foam
Made in the USA, since 1982
Height: 5.52" (140mm)
Width: 2.36" (60mm)
What's Included:

Hole Shot VTR 4.0" 1/8 Truggy Race Tires (2 pcs)
Closed Cell Foam Inserts (2 pcs)

Additional Information:

PLU: PRO9033-003
BRAND: Pro-Line