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Digitrax AR1 Automatic Reverse Controller-Single NIB
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Digitrax AR1 Automatic Reverse Controller-Single NIB

Digitrax AR1 Automatic Reverse Controller-Single NIB

The easiest most cost effective way to add automatic reversing to one section of your DCC layout.

AR1 Features:

-Cost effective automatic reversing for one reversing section or subdistrict
-User selectable trip current lets you adjust the AR1 to work with any scale or equipment on your layout
-Auto-Reversing manages polarity mismatches on the reversing track section without manually throwing electrical toggle switches or adding another booster
-8 amp peak, 6 amp continuous Auto-reversing control for a single reversing district.
-Simple to wire 4 wire hookup, no locomotive wiring required
-No external power required, runs off track power
-AR1 operates with or without LocoNet, so it is compatible with all DCC systems.

Alternatives to AR1 for Automatic Reversing on your layout:

1. Use a double pole, double throw switch to manually allow for reversing.
2. Use one Digitrax booster set for automatic reversing and another set for normal operation.
3. Use a PM42 Quad Power Manager to handle 4 power sub-districts. You can set these up to be automatic reversing or power managers to prevent short circuits from shutting down your layout.

Additional Information:

BRAND: Digitrax