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Redcat Racing 28480 Receiver For RCR-2CENR Radio NIB
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Redcat Racing 28480 Receiver For RCR-2CENR Radio NIB

Redcat Racing 28480 Receiver For RCR-2CENR Radio NIB

-Genuine Redcat Racing Replacement part # 28480
-Use only genuine Redcat Racing Replacement parts to achieve the best performance with your Redcat Racing vehicles
-Please consult your user's manual to ensure this is the correct part for your model.
-For troubleshooting and Warranty information please contact a Redcat Racing customer service specialist at (602)-454-6445 or by emailing amazonsupport@redcatracing.Com
-Compatible with the following Redcat Racing models: Camo TT Pro, Camo x4 Pro, Dukono, Dukono Pro, Everest Gen7 Pro, Everest Gen7 sport, Everest-10, Gen8 Scout II, Landslide XTE, Rampage R5, Shredder and RCR-2CENR
-Only works with Redcat Racing RCR-2CENR radio

( FS-GT2E )

Blackout SC, Blackout SC PRO, Blackout XBE, Blackout XBE PRO, Blackout XTE, Blackout XTE PRO, Dukono, Earthquake 3.5, Everest Gen7 PRO, Everest Gen7 Sport, Everest-10, Gen8 V2, Kaiju, Landslide XTE, Lightning EP Drift, Lightning EPX PRO, Marksman, Rampage MT, Rampage XT, Rc-mt10e, Shredder, Thunder EPX Drift, Tornado Epx/epx PRO, Tornado S30, Volcano Epx/epx PRO, Volcano S30, Wendigo

Additional Information:

PLU: RCT-28480
BRAND: Redcat Racing