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Hot Racing 2 Speed Steel Gear Set Axial Yeti

Hot Racing 2 Speed Steel Gear Set Axial Yeti

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This 2 Speed Transmission Conversion for the Axial Yeti and RR10 Bomber (please see comments below for details on the Bomber fit) give you best of both world. Fast top end and low crawling power for your Axial Yeti. This two-speed transmission lets you take better advantage of the 4WD on different types of terrain. Drop it into super low gear when you have to crawl over a pile of rocks and then shift back into high speed when you reach the other side. Its almost like having two off-road vehicles in one.
- Hardened steel gears and shafts
- Hardened steel gear shift mechanism
- CNC machined aluminum shift servo mounts
- Direct fit into Axial Yeti transmission and chassis
- High gear is faster than the stock gear ratio
- Low gear is lower then the stock gear ratio
- 1st gear ratio: 2.48:1
- 2nd gear ratio: 0.89:1
- The stock Axial Yeti transmission internal ratio is: 1.08:1
- Note, this is not an automatic transmission, the conversion
- Shift servo and extra channel on your radio
- Light application of gear lubricant
- The servo mount in this kit will not work with RR10 but you can use the plastic mount comes with the RR10 kit

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