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Tamiya 87076 Light-Curing Putty 34g NIB
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Tamiya 87076 Light-Curing Putty 34g NIB

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Tamiya 87076 Light-Curing Putty 34g NIB


For any busy modeler: Putty cures rapidly once exposed to a direct light source.

Unbelievable curing time: The Light-Curing Putty will cure in approx. 1 minute when exposed to direct sunlight, or in approx. 2 minutes under fluorescent light (27W).

Easy to handle one-component putty: The Light-Curing Putty is a one-component putty so does not require any curing agent, realizing very easy usability. Consisting of a smooth paste property, the putty is easy to apply to all surfaces.

Does not shrink during curing: Compared to conventional polyester based putties, the Light-Curing Putty displays almost no shrinking when drying.

Realizes excellent workability after curing: After completely curing, the Light-Curing Putty realizes easy cutting, trimming and filing, ensuring to obtain a smooth surface.

Can be painted over with plastic paints: After curing, the Light-Curing Putty can be easily painted over with plastic paints.
*Original color: Yellow, Net: 34g (aluminum tube)


The following sections outlines some points and tech tips on the Light-Curing Putty in Q&A form.

Q: Will the Light-Curing Putty cure under UV light?
A: No. The putty will be cured when exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light. So it does not require any special lighting device. It is not recommended to use any light device that generates high heat such as an incandescent lamp because it may cause air bubbles in the putty.

Q : Is it possible to apply the Light-Curing Putty thickly?
A: Yes. However, it is best to do this in separate layers. Apply the putty in layers of 2mm thickness, this makes sure the light can penetrate through to the bottom. By applying another 2mm layer of putty after the under layer has dried, you can obtain your desired thickness. Different types of putty can also be applied over the top of a layer of Light-Curing Putty.

Q : Will the Light-Curing Putty cure under standard room lights?
A: The Light-Curing Putty will not cure quickly under an indirect light source such as standard room lights. When working with the putty, avoid direct sunlight and turn off any lights focused on your working area. It is not recommended to cure the putty under room lights alone as the putty may not cure completely.

Q : What's the best way to store the Light-Curing Putty?
A: After once opening the tube, tighten the cap and store the tube in the light shielding bag (included with putty). Then store in a cool shaded area.

Q : Does the Light-Curing Putty affix to the surface securely?
A: Consisting of a smooth paste property, the putty easily affixes to most surfaces. To ensure the putty fixes securely, it is recommended to rough-up the surface in advance using sand paper (#180-#400).

Q : How hard will the Light-Curing Putty become after curing?
A: The putty retains a smooth finish even after completely drying, ensuring easy workability. It will harden slightly softer than usual plastic (polystyrene) parts.

Q : Any other things to note?
A: After the Light-Curing Putty dries, the surface may become slightly greasy. It can be easily removed by wiping off using a soft cloth moistened with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner with, or sanding down using Tamiya Finishing Abrasives.

Additional Information:

PLU: TAM87076
BRAND: Tamiya