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Auto World 14' California Cruising
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Auto World 14' California Cruising "The Pacific Coast Highway" Slot Race Set 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck (4Gear) 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air (Xtraction)

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14 feet of Racing Action, Builds Numerous Exciting Track Lay-Outs.
The Pacific Coast Highway is legendary. Started in the 1930s, this amazing roadway remains a marvel of human effort and natural beauty. The highway stretches out covering over 600 miles, along some of California’s most rugged and beautiful coastline. It is one of the most astoundingly scenic roads in the world, meant to be traversed at cruising speed while gasping at the mountains, towering trees, expansive beaches, and endless sky. It also affords drivers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with all the character California has to offer: monumental cliffs, sleepy surfing villages, and the roar of the blue Pacific ocean waves. So hop on-in, let’s do some California Cruising.

2- California Cruisers

• 1955 Chevy® Bel-Air® (X-TRACTION® ELECTRIC RACER)
• 1956 Ford Pickup (4GEAR™ ELECTRIC RACER)
1- 15″ terminal track
2- 15″ straight track
2- 9″ straight track
3- 3″ straight track
4- 9″ radius curve (1/8 circle)
6- 9″ radius curve (1/4 circle)
1- intersection track
1- 9″ squeeze track
1- cardboard bridge
14- guard rails
6- track supports
30- track support pillars
12- flagpoles
1- flag sticker sheet
2- speed controllers
1- power pack
1- track cleaning pad
1- instructions for assembly
4- scenic California highway, cardboard stand-ups

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