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JConcepts 8118 RM2 Clear Differential Lube NIB

JConcepts 8118 RM2 Clear Differential Lube NIB

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JConcepts 8118 RM2 Clear Differential Lube NIB

Compatible with – 1/10th ball differentials.

JConcepts, together with RM2 bring you the latest lubricant for RC ball differentials. On the race track, the ball diff is still heavily used and the most popular form of power transfer from the gear box to drive-shafts and is almost exclusively used on dirt track conditions. Ryan Maifield has a need for speed, and on the dirt track, it’s important to have a smooth working, long lasting drive system that can handle the most extreme conditions.

The RM2 clear diff lube is an option for racers looking to tame the power and provide the all-important drive and acceleration necessary to win at the highest level. During a fresh build or re-build, apply the clear lube into the main gear diff-ball holes and then install the (not included) diff balls. After popping the diff balls down into place inside the gear, apply another layer of clear lube over the top to cover and smooth the area. Remember, use a liberal amount but enough to fill the voids and assemble the rest of the diff.

Once completely assembled, follow the diff instruction manual on completion of the build and setting the diff for racing action. Ryan recommends a tight initial and after setting. Install in the car and perform 20-30 second break-in while holding the car in the pit area and alternating between holding the left and right tires while powering the car at a slow speed. At that time, snug the diff adjustment back up slightly and look for a slightly less than complete revolution while manually spinning the diff action with the tires on the car.


-High quality lubricant, thick consistency
-Enough quantity for several builds or re-builds
-Clean and simple container for application and storage

Additional Information:

PLU: JCO8118
BRAND: JConcepts