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Gens Ace GEA50002S50D 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 10# NIB
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Gens Ace GEA50002S50D 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 10# NIB

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Gens Ace GEA50002S50D 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 10# NIB

The Gens ace 5000mah 50c 7.4v lipo battery hardcase offersyou very high power and very long run time for your RC cars. The 50c burst rate gives you enough power for acceleration. It enhances your driving experience no matter what type of driving you are into.

These batteries packs are made with superior Lithium Polymer raw materials from Japan and Korea. The advanced stacking technology enables a single cell of capacity to reach 5000mah. They are widely fit the 1/8 and 1/10 RC car Model etc.

The hardcase of this 5000mah 7.4v lipo battery provides your batteries very solid protection. ?They are your ideal chooses for the RC car hobby.


- Quickly Recharged, 5C fast charge capable.
- Long cycle life with 200 times minimum, up to 200Wh/kg energy density
- Production in the most strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.


- Minimum Capacity: 5000mAh
- Configuration: 2S1P / 7.4V / 2Cells
- Discharge Rate: 50C
- Max Burst Discharge Rate: 100C
- Net Weight(¡À20g): 294g
- Dimensions: 138mm Length x 46mm Width x 24mm Height
- Charge Plug: JST-XHR
- Discharge Plug:?4.0mm bullet to Deans

Compatible with:

Specially designed for 1/8 & 1/10 RC car model such as Traxxas Slash, Slash 4x4, Emaxx, Bandit, Rustler version, Stampede, Stampede 4x4, E-Maxx, Monster Jam Replicas, HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR Electric Buggy, Kyosho GP 4WD Racing Truck, Axial SCX 10, 2wd Slash Raptor, 4wd sort course truck, ECX Torments, axial rr10 truck, Redcat Blackout Pro, Axial Wraith?Spawn etc.

Application in details (from some customers' review)

-Rustler VXL at minimum I get 45 minutes of runtime and the most I've gotten was a little over 1 hour. What I was most impressed about was the new top speed of 64mph.
-Slash 4x4 with castle Sct combo I get about 17 hard track nonstop minutes. Bashing I get about 25 to 30.
-2wd Slash Raptor, about 40-45 minutes of run time in my stock 2wd Slash Raptor (Titan 12T xl-5 system).
-4wd sort course truck at the track nonstop. Most will get 30 minutes out of this battery for typical use. And this battery outperforms the 5000mah Venom in both punch and duration.
-ECX Torments ran for 35 mons and it was strong the whole time.
-Axial SCX 10 Like 3 plus hours.
-Traxxas Bigfoot
-Redcat Blackout Pro Get 35+ minutes with lots of high-speed bashing.
-Redcat gen7 pro and get a run time of 2 hours
-Axialrr10 truck, very long run times,30-50 min. on the heavy axialrr10 truck.
-HPI bullet st flux, they perform awesome in my hpi bullet st flux. Lots of power and decent run time.
-Losi SCTE 2.0, Super low internal resistance and matched perfectly.
-Fits in my Axial Wraith Spawn, Slash 4x4,
-Redcat Racing Cyclone XB10
-They fit my Stampedes and last a good while. Maybe 45 minutes to an hour.


"The performance of these batteries has been outstanding! They have met all my expectations. I am using them in my 1/10 RC car model, and they work great! No swelling or overheating at all and they are still balanced. Thanks for the great product! Shipping was on time also."

Additional Information:

PLU: GEA50002S50D
BRAND: Gens Ace