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Bowser 25183 HO GE U25B, ESU LokSound, Wabash #509
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Bowser 25183 HO GE U25B, ESU LokSound, Wabash #509

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Ready To Run and Fully Detailed. New Upgraded Handrails (correct for all Phases), New 9'4" AAR B Trucks and Gearbox, Metal MU Hoses, air hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, can motor, flywheels, nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges, knuckle couplers. DCC/Sound version features LokSound V5 decoder.
(Stanchion Colors used for visual purposes only to show differences)

Please note picture is for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the actual road number.  Please see product description for actual number.

Additional Information:

PLU: BOW-1-25183
BRAND: Bowser