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LiteHawk XL 15th Anniversary RTR RC Helicopter
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LiteHawk XL 15th Anniversary RTR RC Helicopter

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XL 15 Year Edition is easy to fly and great for beginners and experienced pilots alike!

2.4 GHz improves upon the infrared control technology of previous helicopters by allowing for vastly improved flight distance and reduced chance of interference. Fly with as many of your friends as you like without worrying about interference!

Modular Construction

The Collector’s Edition has been constructed with ease of use in mind. The entire helicopter can be easily disassembled in minutes for maintenance, cleaning, repair, or modification. Unlike other helicopters, LiteHawk products are not meant to be throw-away toys. XL 15 Year Edition is fully repairable with online support available.

The XL comes fully equipped with auto hover and landing technology. Start the rotors with the click of a button, then tilt up on the throttle to take off! Once airborne, the XL will automatically hover at the desired altitude. Move in any direction while seamlessly maintaining the same altitude. When done flying, simply press the land button and watch the XL come in for a controlled landing.

Multiple Performance Modes

The XL is perfect for beginner or experienced pilot alike. Utilize the different performance modes to suit your flight preferences. Beginner mode features a more relaxed response to controller input and limits maximum speed. Advanced mode allows the pilot to obtain maximum speed and response time.

LiteHawk has always taken pride in delivering high quality, durable products. The 15 Year Edition is no different; built like a tank with an aluminum frame, metal prop shafts, and impact resistant ball joints. Rest assured that in the event of a crash the XL will pull through better than most! As always, LiteHawk provides full technical support and replacement parts if needed.

Coaxial Prop Setup

XL returns with a proven coaxial blade setup for maximum reliability and ease of flight. Unlike collective pitch helicopters, coaxial provides a stable and predictable flight pattern. The two props spin in opposing directions providing a built in gyroscopic effect that removes the need for a vertical tail rotor. In the absence of controller input, coaxial helicopters always return to a stable, neutral hover. The XL features two engines, one driving each propeller unit.

• Twin Props
• 2.4 GHz Control
• CNC Metal Chassis
• Multiple performance modes
• Triple engine setup
• USB charger
• Easily replaceable blades
• Great for beginners
• Ready to Run
• AUTO Engine Start
• AUTO Altitude Hold
• AUTO Landing

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